Happy Babies, Happy Families.

Skin to skin contact helps babies to feel happy, encourages breastfeeding and provides protection, warmth and love.

Did you know....

It is not possible to spoil a new baby. 
Babies love being close to you and cuddled.

Keeping your baby close, picking your baby up and comforting your baby helps them to feel safe, secure, happy and loved, just like they felt inside you. This is really important for their ongoing brain growth and development.

Did you know...

Crying for long periods is not good for babies. Pick your baby up to provide calm and comfort. Babies love being comforted and held.

Babies brain development starts in pregnancy. You can help your baby’s brain to develop and calm your baby by talking, singing, stroking and playing music. Include your partner and other children with this.

Did you know...

If you provide love and comfort to your baby, they will be calmer and grow up to be naturally more confident.

Babies learn by looking at your face and smile and by listening to your voice. This releases a love hormone called oxytocin which helps their brain to grow. It also makes them feel safe, happy and close to you

ELHT/Maternity Services/Baby Friendly Team/ Supporting Close and Loving Relationships V3
Issue: June 2023
Review: June 2026