Hi, I'm ELMORE! I am the mascot for ELHT&Me, the hospital charity, and you may have seen me out and about or hanging with my friends on the Children's Ward. Just like you I will be staying indoors for now, as it's the right thing to do to help my friends who work in the hospital.

It's tough not being with them, but I am keeping in touch with everyone and they have been asking about fun things they can do from home. Here is something we can all do together

We can do some colouring and we can say thank you to the hospital staff at the same time. I am going to colour mine and then put it in the window for everyone to see. Why don't you do the same?

Get your picture by clicking on the links below, ready for printing and colouring!


Elmore Colouring medium.jpg  Elmore coloured sheet medium.jpg

There are some thing that your parent(s) or guardian(s) could do to help their local hospital. If they would like to support their NHS Heroes they can make a donation to our Thank You NHS campaign.

Details of other ways that the community and business can help are here.