The East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust Ophthalmology Department has launched a fundraising campaign to raise £36,000 to buy a state-of-the-art slit lamp to improve the diagnosis of eye illnesses. This campaign will run until World Sight Day on 8 October.

What is Slit Lamp Imaging?
Slit Lamp Imaging is the photography of the structures of the eye with a specially designed horizontally mounted microscope. The slitlamp can be used to isolate structures in the eye, and gives much better and detailed photographs - improving the speed and accuracry of diagnoses.

How can you get involved?
Donate to our JustGiving page, or start a JustGiving fundraiser -
- Text ‘IMAGER(donation amount)’ to 70085 to donate via text. So texting 'IMAGER10' will donate £10.

Ophthalmology Colouring CompetitionEb_yueUX0AAqKUw.png
We invited children accross East Lancashire to take part in our competition to design their own glasses! The winner was Aasiya, aged 10, who created this fantastic NHS-themed design!

If you'd like to make your own glasses, you can still download the glasses template here.