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Hassan Hatab Consultant Gastroenterology 10/02/2024 10/02/2024 Outside Employment Endoscopy session at the week ends. Endocare diagnostics Endoscopy session at the weekends. Varies according to availability  2021-12-07 variable
Hazel A. Cowburn haematology CNS N/A 13/02/2024 13/02/2024 Sponsored Event European multiple myeloma academy educational event on the management of patients with myeloma and related conditions 2024-01-26 Mondial Medica Reisebuero GesmbH as above   £0  
Wearden Emma  Senior HR Advisor   19/02/2024 19/02/2024 Outside Employment Nursery & Wellbeing Support New Era Enterprises Ltd. HR Support ad hoc 2024-02-19 37.5
David Trixy  Consultant Rheumatologist   27/02/2024 27/02/2024 Nil Declaration Nil Declaration disclaimer accepted