This unit consists of six consultants with support from specialist staff in vascular studies and radiology. The unit is the East Lancashire regional unit for vascular surgery.

Recent innovation and advances in endovascular technology has been embraced by the unit. The department offers endovascular therapy for the entire spectrum of arterial and vascular disorders, including the treatment of aortic aneurisms, deep/superficial venous disease and peripheral lower limb vascular disease.

The introduction of local anaesthetics for endo-venous procedures was pioneered in the North West at ELHT.

Radiofrequency ablation techniques are used for certain vascular conditions, and this skill is taught to other medical practitioners nationally and internationally. Traditional surgical methods such as femoral popliteal bypass, balloon angioplasty of stenosis, stents etc are also offered.

There is close collaboration with the radiology department in the practice of interventional radiology.

Regional unit undertaking:

  • Carotid endarterectomy
  • Angioplasty
  • Vascular stents and bypass surgery
  • Aortic aneurisms
  • Endo-venous/endovascular surgery
  • Radiofrequency ablation techniques
  • Varicose vein/varicose ulcer surgery
  • Interventional radiology/advanced digital imaging (in cooperation with the radiology department)
  • Diabetic vascular disease surgery
  • Vascular studies suite

Recently there has been centralisation of vascular surgical services in the North West of England and ELHT is one of two regional units in Lancashire.​​​

Consultant Vascular Surgeons

Clinical Director

  • Mr RA Salaman (also deputy Divisional Director of Surgery)


  • Mr S Hardy
  • Mr H Al-Khaffaf
  • V Perricone
  • S Matheiken
  • Miss J Buxton

Research and Audit

There are continuing quality improvement projects and audits. Many of the surgeons have completed higher degrees including doctorates. The unit is heavily involved in research and audit into vascular diseases. It is a training unit for vascular surgeons. 

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Pubmed entries and Researchgate (main authors):

                                RG                                           Pubmed

Mr R Salaman                        23.35                                      18

Mr H Al-Khaffaf                    28.90                                      30

Mr S Hardy                            11.31                                      10

Mr V Perricone                    ------                                        5

Mr S Matheiken                   ------                                        6