This unit consists of seven consultants dealing with all aspects of colorectal disease at a tertiary level with no out sourcing (with the exception of the rare anal carcinomas). There are strong collaborative links with gynaecologists and urologists: with laparoscopic and robotic complex majors with multi-organ resections.

The colorectal unit has developed complex surgical techniques for the treatment of intra luminal pathology, including complex polyp management. This includes endoscopic mucosal resection, trans-anal minimally invasive surgery (TAMIS) and combined endoscopic laparoscopic surgery (CELS). The unit is accredited for colonoscopy and screening colonoscopy.

Two consultants are recognised by the British Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy for dealing with complex endometriosis, making ELHT a national centre for the diagnosis and treatment of this condition. Combined operating lists with the gynaecologists for complex cases of endometriosis acts as a regional centre with North West regional referrals.

It is a training unit for senior Specialist Training Registrar (StR) colorectal surgeons due to the high volumes of colorectal surgery.  Consultants from the unit are responsible for the local training of surgical trainees and there is the chair for the ELHT foundation training programme.

Surgical techniques available in the Colorectal unit:
  • Inflammatory bowel disease and fisulas (management)
  • Complex/comprehensive abdominal wall reconstructions (including inflammatory bowel disease)
  • Revision hernia (complex): including anterior and posterior release
  • Robotic surgery
  • Endoscopy
  • Laparoscopic surgery
  • Joint surgery (gynaecology and urology)

Consultant Colorectal Surgeons

  • Adnan A Sheikh
  • Judith Salaman
  • George Markides
  • Lyndon Jones
  • Colin Harris
  • Jennifer Bennington
  • Louis Vitone

Research and Audit

There are continuing quality improvement projects and audits. Surgeons have completed higher degrees including in education. The unit is heavily involved in research and audit into the factors that affect colorectal cancer outcomes. There are ambitions to develop a clinical academic training programme with research fellows linked to the local universities. Plans are being developed to undertake a tissue biobank.


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Pubmed entries and Researchgate (main authors):

                                                                                RG                                           Pubmed

Judith Salaman                                                      10.66                                      3

George Markides                                                                 26.38                                      18

Lyndon Jones                                                        2.87                                        ---

Louis Vitone                                                          ---                                            17