Support for Veterans

East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust are proud to say our hospitals are Veteran Aware. 

  • We strive to be an exemplar of the best care for veterans and their families. 
  • We encourage all patients to let us know if they have ever served in the UK armed forces so that we can best support their care needs. 
  • We are committed to learning from our patients and their families to improve quality of care.  
  • All relevant staff will be trained and educated in veterans’ needs and will ask patients if they or a close family member serve or have ever served in the UK armed forces, so that the Trust can best support their care needs and refer to other services.  

ELHT has a Veterans Advocate and a Veterans Champion who can help you get the support you need.  If you are accessing our services and need additional support as a veteran, ask a member of staff to contact the Veteran Advocate or Champion.

ELHT’s Veterans Advocate and Champion, together with Healthier Heroes charity, Veterans Living History Museum, Burnley FC Veteran programme, Blackburn Rovers FC Veteran Hub , Accrington Stanley and Age concern Veteran lead plus other veteran charities can, if appropriate:

  • Attend hospital wards to calm and emotionally support patients. 
  • Spot purchase unique and innovative interventions via a beneficiary fund - this will potentially help in discharge planning both in hospital and community-based care. 
  • Help in providing Safe, Personal and Effective patient-centred care planning 
  • New ways to identify and support Dual Diagnosis alongside peer support in addiction services 
  • Promote and develop self-care strategies with a range of tools and resources available for the AFC while planning for crisis 
  • They will arrange to speak to the patient to help identify services and support and enable referrals to a range of military and non-military organisations. 
  • The Veteran Advocate and Champion can also involve other organisations such as Royal British Legion, SSAFA, Combat Stress, Op Courage, Help4Heroes, Veterans In the Community and Walking with the Wounded.  

NHS Transition, Intervention and Liaison mental health service (NHS TILS)

NHS Transition, Intervention and Liaison mental health service (NHS TILS) now part of Op Courage. Op Courage is a new NHS service that provides specialist care for those Armed forces veterans suffering from a mental health crisis.

The new service combines the Veterans’ Mental Health Transition, Intervention and Liaison Service (TILS), the Veterans’ Mental Health Complex Treatment Service (CTS) and the Veterans’ Mental Health High Intensity Service (HIS).

The service provides a range of treatment, from access to early support to therapeutic treatment for complex mental health difficulties and psychological trauma. It also provides help, where appropriate, with other problems, for example money, employment or housing.

Telephone 0300 323 0707 or email

The Veterans and Families’ Directory of Services

Is an online and searchable map of services for the Armed Forces Community. All NHS staff can access the app at

Armed Forces Covenant 

East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust Has now been awarded  Veteran Aware Status 2021 and supports the health commitments of the Armed Forces Covenant, which is a promise by the nation to ensure that those who serve or, who have served in the UK armed forces, and their families, are treated fairly. 

These commitments are:  

  • The armed forces community should enjoy the same standard of, and access to, healthcare as that received by any other UK citizen in the area they live in. 

  • Family members should retain their place on any NHS waiting list, if moved around the UK due to the service person being posted. 

  • Veterans should receive priority treatment for a condition that relates to their service, subject to clinical need. 

  • Those injured in service should be cared for in a way that reflects the nation’s moral obligation to them, by healthcare professionals who understand the armed forces culture. 

To learn more about the Veterans Covenant Hospital Alliance and what it means for NHS trusts to be Veteran Aware, please visit:  

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How can veterans get a job in the NHS?  

The NHS can benefit significantly from the skills and experience veterans and reservists bring from military training and service. As a Veteran Aware hospital East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust supports the employment of veterans and reservists in the NHS workforce and will be involved in either the ‘Employer Recognition Scheme’ or the ‘Step Into Health’ scheme.  

More information at  

Veterans’ Trauma Network

The Veterans’ Trauma Network provides specialist care to veterans with service-specific injuries. Veterans benefit from a personalised care plan implemented by top military and civilian trauma experts in health centres across England. 

Referrals can be made via their GP at england. HYPERLINK ""veteranstraumanetwork HYPERLINK "" 

For more information, email or call 0208 548 7080. 


Hearing Loss and Tinnitus Services

If patients have acquired hearing loss and/or tinnitus relating to their time in service, additional support can be funded through the Royal British Legion Veterans’ Hearing Fund.

To access the service, their GP can refer them to their local NHS audiology department or download an application form via the Veterans’ Medical Funds webpage at  


Mobility Equipment Support

The Royal British Legion has a Veterans’ Mobility Fund, which provides specialist wheelchairs, orthotic equipment and other mobility-related items for veterans who have a service-related serious physical injury and whose needs cannot be met through statutory services.

Eligibility for the fund requires the condition to be attributable to service and typically applicants will be in receipt of a War Pension or relevant award under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme.  To find out more, visit