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Support for Ukraine

Many colleagues, patients and visitors will have seen the news from Ukraine and are looking for ways to help.

From using donations to help people in the warzone and enabling refugees to resettle in the UK, there are many groups you can support to help the crisis and the links below provide information and resources on how you can do this.

Ukraine help: What can people in the UK do? – BBC News

Three ways you can help the people of Ukraine from the UK | UK news | The Guardian

Those in the UK who have a spare room or separate self-contained accommodation that is unoccupied are also being asked to offer to house Ukrainians for a period of at least six months. As an immediate step, those wishing to make the offer are being asked to register their interest on the Homes for Ukraine website.

The care and thoughts for the people of Ukraine are an extension of the care and support our colleagues provide to our patients every day. If you are a Ukrainian, Russian or Eastern European National or find yourself overwhelmed or need someone to talk to, you can speak to our Well Team or Chaplaincy team. There is also a host of support services which you can find in our Health and Wellbeing Directory, accessed via our staff intranet.